Borderlands 3 – How to Add Friends to Your Party

Borderlands 3 - How to Add Friends to Your Party

The Borderlands 3 PC game has a few interesting features that will make you want to add friends to your party. One of them is the ability to send emails and co-opetition. It also offers several other options like group mode and matchmaking. These features make the game even more enjoyable, and you can meet a lot of new people in the process.


Co-opetition is a mode that allows players to work together to accomplish the same objectives. Unlike regular games, it does not use level scaling and rewards loot to the first player who gets it. In Borderlands 3, you can choose whether you want to play the game solo or with your friends. Below are a few tips to help you decide which mode is best for your play style.

First, you need to select between Co-opetition and Cooperation mode. Co-opetition is a classic Borderlands style that is extremely intense. Because the difficulty of enemies in this mode is not balanced, it can be risky for underleveled players. However, if you play with a trustworthy friend, Co-opetition mode can provide some interesting discussion while keeping the game enjoyable.

Players can also trade gear and weapons with their friends. This is a great way to level up your friend or find better gear. However, it is important to note that Co-opetition mode will lower your loot level to the lowest player’s level. This means that rare items are unlikely to appear.

Once you have selected a group of players, you can then choose whether to play in Co-opetition mode. Co-opetition can be played with up to four players. If you don’t want to play in Co-opetition mode, you can turn off level scaling and loot instancing. In addition, players will be able to pick weapons that best match their character’s level. Choosing a weapon that is better suited for your character will make the difference in the outcome of a firefight.

Looting rules in Borderlands 3 have changed compared to previous Borderlands games. Previously, players were able to get all of the same weapons and gear. However, in Co-opetition, players would have to work together to decide what to get. Moreover, legendary drops would be contested and dueled between players.

Borderlands 3 offers a great co-opetition mode in which players can work together to find loot. However, players should be aware that enemies are not scaled according to player level. This means that a player at level one will be battling level 50 enemies.

Group Mode

In Borderlands 3, you can choose to play with friends or against random opponents. Group mode is recommended for cooperative gameplay, as it eliminates the need for coordination among strangers. When playing with friends, you will receive a higher gear score and higher rarity of drops. The level of loot will also scale with the level of the group. You can always switch between these two modes at any time. But you should consider the level of each player before playing this mode.

There are a few settings you need to change when playing as a group in Borderlands 3. Group privacy allows you to choose whether your friends are local or online. In addition, group mode allows for level-based fighting and cooperation. Everyone in the group will get a chance to take loot.

Looting rules have changed in Borderlands 3. In previous games, players could just look at their weapons and get them all. But in Borderlands 3, players would need to cooperate to decide what to get. They could even duel for legendary drops. And if all the players were geared up for a particular game mode, they would be able to get the best gear possible.

As a group, you’ll need to work together and help each other to collect loot and level up. You can find powerful gear in chests. Each map has up to eight chests. However, their locations may change every time you play the game, so make sure you work out a route to reach these chests. In addition to these, you can find powerful items and gear by waiting for an airdrop.


In Borderlands 3, you can play multiplayer games in LAN or online modes. The game also has matchmaking, so you can find people with similar levels to play with. This feature can be accessed by going to the Multiplayer hub, and clicking on the green plus sign to join a group. The game also offers several modes, including the main campaign, horde mode, and the Proving Grounds.

PC Cross-Play and Game Invites are two other options for playing with friends. PC Cross-Play allows you to connect with friends on the PlayStation network, and it is a free option. This option is also available for mobile devices. It also supports game invites from the Epic Game Store and Steam. The in-game mail system allows you to exchange loot and items with other players in the game. You can also transfer your loot between friends using Gearbox’s SHiFT system.

If you’re still having matchmaking issues in Borderlands 3, you can try to restore your license by restarting your gaming console. This will refresh your network information, DNS, and stored MAC address. It’s also a good idea to make sure that Borderlands 3 is closed and not running in the background. After you’ve done that, you should be able to play multiplayer modes again. This will help you avoid the Matchmaking Error Code 1 issue.

The game’s matchmaking problem may also be caused by scheduled maintenance. Shift Status team posted on Twitter that the maintenance is planned for April 8th at 7 am PT/10 am ET. The game’s servers are expected to be down for two hours during this time. During this time, you may experience intermittent matchmaking, mail rewards, and other issues.

If you’re playing the game on PC, you can also take advantage of cross-play between the Xbox One and the Epic Games Store. This means that you can find people online with the same interests and playstyle. Moreover, you don’t need to have a SHiFT account to participate in Cross-Play.

Sending mail to friends

The main menu of Borderlands 3 contains a social function called ‘Mailbox’. To send an item to a friend, click the ‘Send Mail’ button and choose an item from your inventory. You can even gift weapons and items, which are only available to players on your friend list.

The mail system in Borderlands 3 allows you to send weapons to friends. In addition, you can send them a pre-order bonus or a VIP weapon. The system is accessible by clicking the ‘Social’ menu option on the left side of the screen. The item you want to send will appear on the left side of the screen.

The ‘Sending mail to friends’ option is a nice addition to Borderlands 3. In Borderlands 3, players can send items to friends without requiring them to be online. Once the recipient confirms the mailing, the item will pop on their character’s trophy screen. If you have multiple friends, this option is particularly useful.

The ‘Sending Mail’ feature is available in the Social menu. The recipient of the message will receive it in their inbox. They can then claim the weapon or item if they want to. By sending mail to friends in Borderlands 3, you are helping your friends grow stronger and get better at the game.

Mailing to friends in Borderlands 3 allows players to share loot with their friends. It also allows them to transfer their loot offline. Loot in Borderlands games is generally generous, so this feature is a welcome addition to the system. However, be careful not to send too many items at once. The process will become too complicated.

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