Citrix Xen Desktop Price Announced

Citrix Xen Desktop Price Announced

The price of XenDesktop is $95 per named user. It is cheaper than other desktop virtualization solutions, like VMware’s VDI. The current XenDesktop 4 is priced at $95 per named user. In addition, XenDesktop 5.6 is priced at $95 per named user.

XenDesktop 4 pricing is priced at $95 per named user

XenDesktop 5.5, a major upgrade to XenDesktop 5.5 introduced personal vDisk technology. Personal vDisk helps make virtual desktops more personal. The software also offers more than 150 new features. These include HDX Broadcast virtual desktop delivery over the WAN that is three times faster. XenDesktop 5.5 also offers faster printing, scanning and app launching, as well as improved QoS controls. The new version also adds support for Microsoft Lync and Cisco WebEx.

The new version of XenDesktop also has the FlexCast technology, which enables enterprises to deliver more virtual desktops to more users for less money. It also includes all XenApp features as an integrated feature, making the delivery of on-demand applications a seamless part of your desktop management strategy.

Citrix released XenDesktop 7.1 in October. This new version has enhanced components and a Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables users to customize XenDesktop. It also supports 64-bit Windows XP SP2 and Vista. Its support for Hyper-V and SCVMM versions has also been enhanced.

Citrix also announced enhancements to its Studio and Director tools. Studio features include application folders and enhanced reporting. Director has enhanced licensing alerts and allows administrators to monitor usage of hosted applications. Both products are also compatible with XenApp 6.5. Additionally, both Studio and Director have been upgraded to support the latest version of the Citrix Virtual Desktop Management Suite.

The new version of Citrix XenDesktop 4 comes with new licensing options. The new version of the product is priced per named user and per concurrent user. It starts at $95 per named user for the VDI edition. The Standard Edition adds additional features such as a 64-bit control domain and live VM migration.

XenDesktop supports five different VM types. The most prominent is the Dedicated VM. Users can assign individual VMs to different users and have persistent user states. The other two are Streamed and Physical. The Physical VM is a more traditional data center environment and typically used for blade PC hardware.

The newest version of XenDesktop also features a new feature called Session Recording. This allows administrators to capture and store on-screen activity. Based on Citrix SmartAuditor technology, this feature helps administrators track down issues and provide faster resolutions. Also, the new version of Citrix XenDesktop includes HDX Real-Time Optimization Pack 1.7. This feature enhances performance by enabling users to access their virtual desktop five times faster.

XenDesktop 3 pricing is priced at $75 per named user

Citrix has released pricing for its new XenDesktop desktop virtualization platform. Starting at $75 per named user, it will allow companies to virtualize Windows desktops in their datacenter and deliver them on demand to users. This new solution is said to reduce complexity and management costs.

The new product is intended for hybrid and Cloud deployments. Features include instant access to virtual applications and improved graphics performance. It is also designed to support Microsoft Lync. It has the ability to manage and monitor users’ desktops. The new pricing model is $75 per named user, per month.

Pricing for XenDesktop 3 varies depending on the features you need. The VDI-only version starts at $95 per named user. The Enterprise and Platinum editions include desktop virtualization and application virtualization. Both versions come with free technical support.

XenDesktop 3.0 features include HDX technologies like Plug-and-Play and MediaStream. It also supports remote PC access and Citrix mobility packs. It also includes HDX 3D Pro, a technology that leverages GPU hardware acceleration for 3D applications. The latest version also allows for much faster printing, scanning and app launching.

XenDesktop 5.6 pricing is priced at $95 per named user

Citrix has announced a new pricing model for its XenDesktop virtual desktop software. The VDI edition of XenDesktop is priced at $95 per named user or $195 per concurrent user. In addition to the new pricing structure, Citrix has also announced a trade-up program. With this program, customers of XenApp can trade-up to XenDesktop for a price of $45 per user.

XenDesktop 5.6 has improved management and ease of use. It can be installed in just ten minutes and offers new features such as improved performance and a new console called Desktop Studio. With this console, IT staff can monitor the status of all virtual desktops. They can also trace virtual desktops with real-time information.

Another feature of this new version of XenDesktop is XenApp 6 integration. It is now possible to choose from a wide variety of applications that are ready for the user, allowing for increased user experience. XenApp supports Windows, Mac, and popular smartphones and tablets.

Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 also includes a powerful virtual WAN optimization device. This device helps improve the delivery of virtual desktops and applications and reduce network bandwidth usage. This technology is supported by a Branch Repeater device that is integrated into the system.

XenDesktop 5.6 is the most advanced desktop virtualization software available today. It delivers a unified virtual desktop experience for millions of users. With its scalable deployment model, it allows IT organizations to deliver desktops to more people at a lower cost.

XenDesktop 5.6 prices start at $95 per named user. It is available on Mac and PC platforms and supports ChromeOS, Apple iOS, and Android. With Citrix Receiver, it can be installed on a wide variety of mobile devices.

The XenDesktop software integrates Citrix XenVault, which provides system security for BYOC. The technology enables enterprises to provide access to enterprise applications while preserving sensitive information. This solution also applies automatic document encryption to documents stored on user desktops.

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